Sandisk shows off NVMe+SAS SFF8639 drives

IDF 2013: One drive, one connector, two fast interfaces

SanDisk - logoSandisk was showing off a new SAS drive connector, the NVMe + SAS SFF8639. If you are scratching your head right now and wondering where this came from, you are not alone.

The short story is that like the NVMe + SATA connectors released earlier, this one does the same for SAS. It sports a dual port SAS connector plus four lanes of PCIe on the same connector. It looks like the SATA + PCIe equivalent but the key notch is filled in and the SATA pins are blank. One the left below is a normal SanDisk SAS drive with the SFF8639 equivalent on the right.

Sandisk SSD with SAS + PCIe NVMe SFF8639 connector

Two SAS SSDs, one with added NVMe

What this means is that you can plug a SATA SFFxxx device in to a SFF8639 device but not the other way around. How can you complain about idiot proofing tech in a sane way? In any case there is now a SAS + PCIe connector lurking around if you need to one and it is a good thing that seems to be done right. Call Sandisk and buy 12 soon.S|A

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