Sekonix shows a tiny DLP projector on a keychain

CES 2014: Not the brightest or highest rez, but certainly the smallest

Sekonix_logoOne of the few pleasant surprises at CES was the Blueberry micro-projector by Sekonix at the TI booth. To say this device is tiny is an understatement, how many projectors do you know of that come with a key ring hook?

The basis of the Sekonix Blueberry projector is a TI DLP chip that put out 640*360 pixels, not that impressive until you realize that the device is about 1 x 1.5 x .5 inches or so. This size is not just for part of the projector, it is for everything, the DLP chip, light source, cooling, electronics, and optics.

Seckonix DLP projector in hand

Blueberry, Greenberry, or Redberry, all are pocketable

Seekonix Blueberry micro-projector at work

It may not be theater quality, but find a keychain that is

The picture quality was good, not the brightest or the largest image but quite amazing given the Blueberry’s size. More impressive is the fact that it is bus powered, the only energy it needs come from the HDMI port. TI representatives didn’t know what it would retail for when it goes on sale in a few months, but others in the know have said less than $200 should not be a problem. I know I want a Blueberry in my pocket.S|A

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