Ibys puts the fun back into wireless QoS testing with drones

MWC 2014: Most trade show personell drone on, Ibys put stuff on a drone

Ibys Technologies logoIf you want to test wireless QoS in three dimensions, Ibys Technologies wants you to send in the drones. Not just any drones, their drones complete with wireless QoS sniffing and monitoring tools that SemiAccurate saw at MWC this year.

The idea is easy enough to grasp, if you want to do wireless QoS testing in remote areas you can either jump through a lot of hoops or get a drone. If you take said drone, strap a sniffing rig to the top, and tie it in to a base station unit, you have an expensive toy. Actually you have a really useful tool that is also much more fun to play with than an antenna on a long, wobbly stick.

Ibys wireless QoS drone tester

Ibys puts the fun back into wireless QoS testing

Since Ibys has a long history of wireless and QoS testing, that part is just an extension of what they have been doing for years. The new stuff is strapping it to a drone. That little clear plastic box with USB and ethernet ports is the important bit, the rest is just for fun, I mean serious work. Like most great ideas, the Ibys drone doesn’t actually make a huge technical leap forward, it simply combines two existing technologies in a very clever way. I want one.S|A

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