AMD announces the Never Settle Forever bundle

AMD bundles games with every new discrete GPU…

radeon is gaming

Last week AMD briefed us on a new graphics card video game bundle they’re calling the Never Settle Forever bundle. Unlike AMD’s prior video game bundles, this one is rather complex with three different rewards tiers depending on which graphics card you chose to buy. The one major advantage to this new, more complex system is that AMD has vastly expanded the number and variety of games that bundle recipients can choose from.

Radeon rewards tiers

The three tiers are broken down by the world’s favorite set of prized metals: gold, silver, and bronze. If you buy a R9 295, 290X, 290, 280X, or 280 you receive a ‘gold reward’. If you purchase a R9 270X, 270, or R7 265, 260 then you get a silver reward. The bronze reward goes to R7 250 and 240 buyers. What’s interesting about this setup is that now no matter what graphics card you buy in AMD’s lineup you will receive a coupon for at least one free game.

bundled games

The gold reward package allows you to pick three games from a list of seventeen games and five ‘indie packs’ which contain two games but consume only one of your three choices. The silver reward package allows you to pick from the same selection of games, but limits you to picking only two games out of the bunch. Finally the Bronze reward package lets you pick one game from a slightly smaller list of only ten games and five ‘indie packs’.

Additional offers

Additionally through the Never Settle Forever bundle splash top is offering new AMD graphics card buyers a free three month trial of their PC to mobile device video game streaming service. You also get a $10 off coupon if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of AMD’s RAMDisk software, and you get a bundle of AMD branded items in the free-to-play game FireFall.

game regions

Looking at availability AMD has done a good job of trying to make the whole of its bundle available across the globe. But there are still some restrictions namely for people living in Japan and non-English speaking countries in Asia. South America, Europe, and North America look to be squared away though.

Starting today, April 21st, retailers are going to be giving out these rewards coupons with each AMD graphics card sale. These coupons are redeemable for games up until August 31, 2014.

This Never Settle Forever bundle appears to be a solid offering from AMD. There is a wide selection of games to choose from and no matter what AMD discrete GPU you buy you know you get at least one free game with it. Our thanks to AMD for bringing this kind of bundling back and hopefully injecting a little of competition back into the marketplace.

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