Samsung lays down the design law to Apple

By their own words, Samsung is a design powerhouse

Samsung - logoA new wrinkle just showed up in the endless Samsung vs Apple legal stupidity and it may put the entire matter to rest. As things stand it is a back and forth pointless battle that Samsung is finally getting around to hammering home their version of things in.

This game-changing new twist came in the form of a new Samsung design site on Tumblr. In no uncertain terms it shows off the giant company’s design prowess. How can you look at something like their site pictured below and say that things like the Galaxy S4 Color are anything but groundbreaking original design? If this doesn’t convince you that Samsung’s design capabilities are an industry powerhouse, I don’t know what will.

Samsung Design Tumblr screenshot

I’m in awe, how about you?

Any naysayers who think the whole court fight is just a pissing match between two petulant children have no choice but to eat their words after this show of force. If Samsung coming out and laying down their design law like this doesn’t sink any Apple claims, I don’t know what will. Game, set, and match, Samsung for the crushing win.S|A

Note: SemiAccurate feels design lawsuits like the multitude between Apple and Samsung are dumb, pointless, and clog the legal system with pointless ego stroking. They should be abolished and both companies fined enough money to make them sting. We do realize that this would reduce the US national debt by large percentages and is also beyond the court’s power. Sad that. Moronic patents like the ones being argued over rank between generically worded software patents and Prenda, IE significantly below Onchocerca volvulus.

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