Powercolor Devil 13 dual Hawaii R9-295X2 spotted in the wild

Computex 2014: Not shown off yet but still seen

Powercolor LogoOne little surprise SemiAccurate ran into at Computex was the new Hawaii based Powercolor Devil 13 R9 295X2 card. This beast is, well, a real beast with a big surprise lurking near the bottom.

Not much to say because we don’t have the specs for the card we had in our hands other than it is an R9 295X2 aka dual AMD Hawaii GPU. If it is anything like the last Devil 13, it will be a real overclocking beast too. We can say it is similar to the first Devil 13 in that it is an amazingly beautiful card, lets hope they kept the packaging at a similarly high level this time too.

Powercolor Hawaii 295X2 Devil 13 dual GPU

Powercolor Devil 13 Hawaii card

As you can probably see this monster is a triple slot GPU. What you probably can’t see is that it weighs a ton, it is a seriously heavy card. Under the heavy metal shroud lurks a lot of copper, heat pipes, fans, and solid thermal control mechanisms. Also note the dual blade fans which are said to keep the heatsink fins more dust free than a normal design. Even if it does nothing, it looks cool.

Powercolor Devil 13 R9 295X2 dual Hawaii card top

Note the 4x 8-pin PEGs on top

Why does it need that much cooling? Not just for minor overclocking, the new Devil 13 needs four 8-pin PEGs to merely boot. That means 75W from the PCIe 16x slot plus 4x 150W from the PEGS for a total of 675W power delivery standard before you overload the lines. Which most people buying this card will at some point, that is kinda the point of it. Cooling a hair-dryer on medium inside a confined case is no easy job but if the mass of coolers are any indication, the Devil 13 is probably up to the task.

Powercolor Devil 13 dual Hawaii R9 295X2 Roy Taylor sticker

Errr… sorry, no explanation this time

About the only thing we can’t explain about the new Devil 13 card is a little sticker on the backplate between the two GPUs. It is, well, it is a sticker of Roy Taylor’s autograph along with his title. It is obviously there because… well we have no freaking idea. In any case if you spend the presumably $1000+ on one of the new Devil 13 dual Hawaii R9 295X2 overclocking cards, you can feel confident that you too will get a genuine Roy Taylor autograph and title sticker. Damned if we know why though.S|A

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