UFS based UC cards to replace SD soon

If you want the specs, features and roadmaps, read on

SDXC card with Speed Class 3 markingsThe news that SD cards are going to be replaced by UFS cards is not news, the specs for UC is. At a recent presentation, someone revealed the timelines and specs for this new format to SemiAccurate.

As a service to the industry that is only possible because the spec hasn’t been officially announced, lets all agree to call UFS Cards UC shall we? If we leave it up to the marketers and committees, we will all be stuck with something like Universal(R) FilE(TM) SYSTEM(C) for Small and Medium(R) Devices (L) intended for Registered Media(M) Sharing and Transfer(TM) or UFSFSMDiRMSaT for ‘ease’ of use. It is UC everyone, _RIGHT_? We have a chance to stop stupidity before it takes hold, do your part people. Now on with the specs.

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