Fujitsu adds palm vein security to tablets

MWC 2016: Not very exciting unless you need it, then it is

Fujitsu logoFujitsu had two new tablets at MWC, one plain and the other quite interesting. The interesting part wasn’t the device itself, just the optional security feature on the side.

Starting off with the rather droll we have the Stylistic R726 tablet, the main feature of which is that it comes with a cradle instead of a USB cable. This really useful feature was once common in the phone and PDA world but has gone the way of many accountant-based cost cutting features, IE gone for good. Until the R726 which comes with it, just drop it in the dock and off you go, no fiddling with cables, this makes me smile.

Fujitsu Stylistic R726 tablet

The plain tablet with a real cradle

The rest is pretty ho-hum, a 6th gen Intel CPU, I think that is Sky Lake but does it matter, coupled to a 12.5″ PLS screen. With the magnetic keyboard option the entire package comes in at 830g, not bad but nothing earth shattering. Add in LTE connectivity and you have a pretty solid enterprise tablet, a market tipped off by the software running on the demo unit.

More interesting is the bigger brother Stylistic Q736 tablet. It too has a cradle that is common with the Q775, Q665, and Q555, someone at Fujitsu was thinking ahead on this one. Other than that it is more or less the same as the R726 with a Sky CPU, pen input, LTE, and a slightly lager screen at 1.13″. This brings the weight up to 990g but that is quite livable.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q736 tablet

Note the box on the right

Things get interesting when you notice the optional box on the right hand side. It is big, clunky, and extends to about twice the depth of the tablet, but for some it is the killer app. It is a palm vein security scanner in mobile form. Why is this one killer? It is non-contact security, think about that for hospitals and other places where contamination is an issue. While it is an optional feature, when it is present it is integrated into the system fully, not connected as a far less secure USB peripheral. While it isn’t going to change the world, palm vein security like this is a killer app for several verticals.S|A

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