AMD releases the RX460 and RX470 names

That’s it, the entire story contains no more useful information

AMD RTG LogoToday AMD is releasing the names of two new cards, the RX470 and RX480. SemiAccurate would love to tell you about these cards but due to embargoes, we can’t.

Similarly to the surprise release of the RX480 name and specs during Computex a few weeks ago, this one has a name but less information to share. Want to know the specs of the RX470 and RX460? Sorry, no can do. Price? Nope. Availability? Not a chance. Any reason why you should care about either part? Not that we can share.  About the only thing we can say is that both are less than the RX480 linked above in every way. Which die, Polaris 10 or 11, Baffin or Elsemere is which? Sorry but no.

AMD has a lot of superlatives and the rest to share, but without being able to tell you anything about the parts, the last thing we will do is recommend you bother with that fluff. If you really want to see a long webcast about nothing other than those two names, watch the replay of AMD’s E3 shindig. That said we won’t be tuning in so if there is anything else of note on it, well, we can’t get up the excitement to care much less write it. That said you can now officially add the RX460 and RX470 names to the older RX480. Yay?S|A

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