DAO makes some different cases

Angles and more glass stood out to us

DAO logoKorean company DAO made some cases SemiAccurate thinks really stand out from the herd. They follow some of the modern trends, glass mostly, but have enough unique features to impress us.

DAO Acro case

DAO’s flagship Acro case

At a recent trade show the one that caught our eye was the Acro above. Despite its large and rather odd shape, it is a standard PC case with a corner cut out. Or you can view it as a standard case with a triangle added but either way it will do the job and house a standard ATX or smaller motherboard and PSU. It will also fit front and top water coolers and stand out nicely at the next lan party.

DAO Vega case

Vega is more conventional

Next up was the Vega, again another pretty standard case with an interesting front motif. It is a hexagonal-ish backlit front panel that looks, well if not really good, really different. That isn’t to say it doesn’t look good, I liked it enough to write about it but with cases tastes tend to vary a lot. To me the Vega is a slightly prettier than normal black case which makes it a lot better than the plain black cases or worse yet the painfully ugly shiny plastic front panels that look like a defective Transformer.

DAO Ordo case

Ordo is more glass than most

Last up is Ordo and it takes the glass motif to a new level, or at least to another side. Some cases have glass sides but none that we have seen have glass fronts and sides mainly because it makes optical disks, floppy drives, buttons, and ports a little problematic. Floppies died a long time ago, optical is coughing its last, and ports long ago moved to the top panel on many cases. In light of that it is a bit surprising that no one has made a three sided glass case. DAO has fixed that problem and it is nicely designed too. Three ATX cases, two fairly unique ones, and one just a bit nicer than normal, not a bad lineup.S|A

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