ARM moves Mbed OS from ISG to IPG

No, we couldn’t think of anything exciting here either

ARM LogoIt looks like ARM is moving Mbed OS to a different part of the company to streamline development. SemiAccurate learned that the IoT OS/framework will go from ISG to IPG.

If you are thinking that ARM is combining their hardware and software groups on the IoT side, well they aren’t. This move sounded a lot more interesting than it turned out to be when SemiAccurate first heard about it, the more we dug the less we found. The idea is to tie the embedded OS for the IoT oriented parts closer to the hardware. This should not affect the ISG wing much if at all because their products are based on the IPG hardware. The move is just seems to be an attempt to streamline development from what we can tell.

Given the timing of the move it sure looked like a response to the current Covid-19 economic woes but again, the more we dug, the more we found that this was planned long ago. Mbed’s sideways move was started before Covid but the timing of the action is unquestionably unpleasant.

SemiAccurate’s sources are telling us that there are less than 50 jobs that are being made redundant in no specific geographic area, a few administrative staff here and a few there. In a nice touch that you don’t see too often in the modern world, ARM seems to be going out of there way to give those made redundant more than the usual help because of the current worldwide mess. This is a really good thing so credit where it is due, but it doesn’t make for good clickbait headlines. In any case, we hope those made redundant find work soon.S|A

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