Intel Architecture Day 2020 selected slides

Not enough time to do a good job

Intel LogoIntel had their 2020 Architecture Day on Tuesday and it was packed with great info. Unfortunately there was about 36 hours between the end of the talks and the embargo lift, not nearly enough time for SemiAccurate to write up a fraction of the news.

While we did write a piece on process and construction, the five other ones we wanted to do on GPUs, Tiger Lake, FPGAs, memory/storage, and a software are not going to get done. There was also enough time for one round of email questions so the best job we could do would be sub-par. Also since all the source material is going to be made public at the embargo lift, there is no point in us wasting our time writing it up later.

If we have to chose between doing a bad job or not doing a job at all, we will always take the side of not doing it. Why waste your time and ours with crap? If that is what you want, there are plenty of places on the net where you can get that, have fun, really. So with that annoyance outed, we will just post a few slides we found particularly interesting and get a good night’s sleep. Enjoy? S|A

Intel Willow Cove core

Intel Willow Cove Range

Intel Alder Lake

Intel Xe die plot

Intel Xe GPU layout

Intel Xe GPU EU layout

Four flavors of Intel Xe GPUs

Intel Xe Process choices

Intel PCIe roadmap

Intel 224Gbps transciever

Intel security timeline

Intel server roadmap

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