A key market shifts away from Intel

Marketshare changes are picking up pace

Intel LogoSemiAccurate doesn’t usually talk about non-technical matters but this time the news was too interesting to ignore. In researching another topic, our sources all sang a familiar song that we would expect to impact Intel’s standing among enterprise customers.

Before we get into what we heard, we have no specific numbers, this is all based on our own interpretation of the data we gathered recently. That said when multiple large Intel customers tell us the same story about a market segment, we feel the need to report it. Additionally no hints as to what we were looking into that lead us down this rabbit hole, that will hopefully come next week.

Note: The following is analysis for professional level subscribers only.

Disclosures: Charlie Demerjian and Stone Arch Networking Services, Inc. have no consulting relationships, investment relationships, or hold any investment positions with any of the companies mentioned in this report.

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