Raja Koduri and Dr. Randhir Thakur out at Intel

On a happier note, the foundry welcomes Stu Pann to the fray

Intel LogoIntel is tweeting up a storm or at least a blizzard of high level changes today. OK there are two but SemiAccurate has to hype this up a bit, it is an otherwise slow news day.

The headline news is that on the graphics side, Raja Koduri is out, and on the foundry side, Stu Pann is in replacing Dr. Randhir Thakur. Now you know the headlines. From what we were told several weeks ago, Raja’s departure is amicable and Stu Pann’s is, well we don’t know any more than was put into the press release here.

In any case it was all kicked off in a Tweet by CEO Pat Gelsinger here, and as you can see from Raja’s reply, it isn’t the usual wafer thin excuse train. Pun definitely intended there mind you.

While there is no word on what Dr. Thakur is doing from here on out, Raja is going to be running a software startup that, if you know some of his ideas he couldn’t do under a larger company umbrella, is likely quite interesting. Onward and upward.S|A

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