How fast is Qualcomm’s Oryon SoC

Three answers and a hearty, ‘it depends’

Qualcomm Snapdragon logoHow fast is the upcoming Qualcomm Oryon/Houma SoC? It depends if you are asking a theoretical question or what is actually achievable.

SemiAccurate should clarify these numbers a bit before we carry on. Oryon/Houma is the first laptop SoC bearing the Nuvia cores with much of the Qualcomm uncore and platform. There are eight symmetric cores and we told you about the performance a few months ago, basically slightly more than the Apple M2 cores. This would be a much more impressive achievement if it came out before the M3 though but…

In any case the crack in the header leads us to three answers on speed. The first is what the silicon is capable of and that those targets were hit. Next up is the other end of the spectrum, basically what will be productized and that picture looks really bad now. While there is still time to fix certain problems, based on information that SemiAccurate is still verifying, it is unlikely Qualcomm will be able to fix these issues. Think of them as design flaws based on, lets be unnecessarily kind here, idiotic design decisions rather than bugs. If what we hear is true, these choices are not fixable.

Last up is what Qualcomm will show off at their Hawaii press junket. It will be interesting to see what they have available for testing versus what comes out. We are saying this for a reason, more on this soon.

All this in mind, what are the actual clocks?

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