Round Two done, let the appeals begin


THE CASE OF JAMIE THOMAS-RASSET came to a close today as the jury returned
a verdict that she had willingly and knowingly downloaded 24 different songs
from KaZaA, violating the copyright of the companies represented by the
RIAA. The jury awarded the RIAA the largest ever damage amount in a
copyright case, slapping Jammie Thomas-Rasset with a fine of $80,000 dollars
per song, or nearly $2 million in total damages.

RIAA spokeswoman Cara Duckworth said in a statement that the RIAA had been
willing to settle the case, “from day one” and remained willing to do so.
She declined to discuss what a potential settlement might entail. She
thanked the jury for their service and promptly began an animated
conversation with the RIAA attorneys about getting the quickest flight out
of town.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset called the settlement, “ridiculous” and said that the
RIAA would have no luck collecting such a huge sum of money saying, “You
can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.” She said that she was upset but that she
was trying not to worry about it because there was nothing she could do. She
also thanked the jury for “doing their job” and said that she “didn’t hold
it against them”.

Defense attorney Kiwi Camara remained cool and determined, saying that there
were several options available to the defense. He cited a possible appeal to
the 8th circut court, and the looming possiblity of a class-action lawsuit
against the RIAA. Like the RIAA, Camara declined to discuss the possiblity
of a settlement, saying that the details hadn’t been discussed yet. He said
that he was disappointed by the verdict, and that he suspected that the jury
thought that Jammie Thomas was being dishonest or evasive, which would
account for the huge award to the RIAA.

The defense ended their confrence by saying that the trial had been one
battle that they’d lost, but he believes that they will ultimately prevail.

We can only hope.  Either that or a more realistic form legal and technical situation will be spurred on by this verdict.S|A

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