AMD shows integrated DX11 and mobile quads

CES 2010 Danube and Dorado

AMD iconAMD WAS SHOWING off two new platforms today at CES, Danube and Dorado. Danube is the mobile quad-core and Dorado is the 8xx next generation DX11 IGP.

 AMD Danube

Champlain board, Danube platform

The first one up is the Champlain board, the test rig for Danube. It is a quad core mobile Phenom II CPU mated with a mobile DX10.1 GPU. If you are thinking that sounds like a mobile SKU of the 785G, you would be right. Other than that, there isn’t much hugely new. It uses a revised Socket S3, likely to support DDR3, and the rest is familiar.

AMD Dorado

Dorado, land of PCIe lanes

That brings us to Dorado, the real next generation integrated graphics chipset. We showed you the Asus version earlier today, but this is the official release. As you can see, it is running Dirt 2 is DX11 mode, so that kind of settles the argument about what graphics modes are supported by the upcoming 8-series chipsets. Expect this chipset bearing a lot of PCIe lanes to be out in late spring, likely May.S|A

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