Exclusive: Mike Hara said to be leaving Nvidia

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Nvidia world iconWord has hit SemiAccurate that Mike Hara, Nvidia’s Senior VP of Investor relations is leaving the company (NASDAQ:NVDA). The same sources say that his last day is today.  UPDATED

There is no truth to the rumors that after a few years, he finally figured out that the science behind bumpgate was not beyond human understanding. Word on the street has it that Mike is going to a startup. First the CFO, then the head of IR, it kind of makes you wonder. Expect an announcement soon.S|A

Updated: July 17th, 2011 Something seems to be missing between Greco and Hicok http://www.nvidia.com/page/pg_20011011487525.html.  If you attempt to reach www.nvidia.com/object/bio_hara.html you’ll find yourself staring at the typical 404 page.  I guess employee number 7 has moved onto greener pastures.  It only took their webmaster a week to update their website.

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