The SemiAccurate guide to Nvidia Kepler/GK104/GTX680 launch activities

Three dates, two launches, one paper

Nvidia world iconNvidia has a busy schedule for Kepler at GDC, and we thought you might want to know about it. There are three key dates, today, Monday, and two weeks from Friday.

Today, March 8, is the day where the press that Nvidia flew in get their ‘tech day’, basically the deep dive on Kepler. Then, like we said a few days ago, Nvidia will paper launch the cards next Monday, March 12. From that point, things get a little hazy because people are arguing over two different days. Some are saying Friday March 23, others Monday March 26, with a few more saying 23 than 26. It could be none of the above though, but if you bet on two weeks out, you won’t be far off.

The only open question is how long they will be able to supply for. With the TSMC 28nm stoppage, initial supplies of GK104 for launch boards are likely set, but what happens after that? How many were stockpiled? We don’t know, but we can’t see all that many being available after the initial shipment. SemiAccurate’s educated guess is decent numbers at launch followed by a long wait. When TSMC restarts, and how quickly they ramp back up, will determine the answer, and we can’t shed any light there, yet.S|A

Editor’s update: March 13, 8:30am. This update is late as Charlie has been doing an airport to airport bounce.  He said that sources say, as of late last week, launch has been moved back a week and a half.  Please see the bet above for Charlie’s take on the multiple source conflicts.

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