Two Tahiti GPUs walked into a bar, meets the FirePro sticker…

…the GPUs talked to each other through a bridge…

AMD FirePro Logo …stores their short-term memory in many of their memory boxes, they worked out the problem together and they liked each other…

Remember the thing with a dual-slot cooler with 3 fans that Mark Papermaster had shown in his keynote back in the AFDS 2012 event? Most people perceived it as a gaming card (“New Zealand“) with wrong stickers on the fans. But in fact, that was the real deal.

Yes, you read that right, words reach SemiAccurate that AMD will be releasing their first ultra-high end dual-GPU workstation graphics card soon, featuring two “Tahiti” GPUs, and AMD is giving it the “Zaphod” codename.

“Hey, Ford! Put it there! Yeah, and there! And there! And there! Whoa!”
Zaphod Beeblebrox

One thing worth mentioning is that the codename matches the key features well, 2 heads and a few arms, but the card itself is actually “shallow, unimaginative, responsible, trustworthy, introvert and could be anything you couldn’t have guessed” unlike the character in the novels.

Let’s say cracking passwords and salted hashes with 4 to 8 of these and an OpenCL hash cracker or hooking up three 4k monitors would probably be a nice experience with lot of fun. S|A

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