The SuperMicro mini-ITX rig you have been waiting for is here!

CES 2013: The hot new entrant in the digital signage space comes in black

Supermicro logoTwo new parts from SuperMicro at CES, a mini-ITX case and a board to go with it. Who out there expected to see a mini-ITX Atom board from them, much less a set top/media center case?

The case is called the CSE-101i, and as you can see, it is a black box with nicely rounded corners that will fit a full height mini-ITX motherboard. Please note that the corners are nicely rounded, but not in an Apple patented way, this is a completely new and innovative take on a rectangle with rounded corners. The CSE-101i can take any board in this form factor with a CPU of up to 45W. Other than the choice of 60 or 80W DC PSUs, there isn’t much more to say about this case.

Supermicro mini-ITX rig

SuperMicro joins the mini-ITX age in a not big way

The board that goes with it is called the SYS-1017A-MP, and as you can tell from the name, err, nothing much. It has an Intel N2800Atom, whatever that equates to in specs, can take up to 4GB of DDR3/1066MHz in two SO-DIMM slots, and has mSATA and DoM slots. For the expansion minded, there is also a single 2.5″ drive bay but the board has no SATA ports, so we are confused. If you are in the digital signage or kiosk world, this is heady stuff, for the rest of us, we just thought you might like to know it existed.S|A

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