AccidentallyExtraordinary shows off touch controlled headphone concept

CES 2013: One of the few interesting parts of a dull show

AccidentallyExtraordinary logoA startup called AccidentallyExtraordinary had one of the few new ideas at CES, touch controlled headphones. The idea is very cool, but it is pretty clear there is lot of work left to do.

While the concept isn’t all that hard to grasp, executing on it well is going to be a challenge. AccidentallyExtraordinary’s idea is simple enough, turn your headphone cable in to a touch sensitive controller. Swipe up for volume up, swipe down for volume down, and lick any exposed wires for a shocking surprise. Just kidding on the last one, but you get the idea, and it does make a lot of sense.

AccidentallyExtraordinary touch controlled headphone mockups

The mock up of the product

AccidentallyExtraordinary was in the startup area of CES, and it was pretty clear they are very early in the process. The headphones they were showing were simply mockups, not anything close to functional, but that was more than enough to be intriguing. While we are not sure what they were looking for at CES, their web page is not much more than a call for investors. Still, if they have anything behind the scenes, not to mention a few patents, they could have something worthwhile on their hands.

As we said, the idea makes too much sense not to attempt. The technology is there now to put the required sensors in an ear bud cable, and it would free up a lot of space on the device itself. Depending on the implementation it could even lower net device BoM cost, but probably not by much. In any case, can you say you wouldn’t want this on your next iThingy?S|A

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