Announcing the AMD Gamer Memory contest winners

One contest, two prizes, two winners

AMD Memory LogoIt is time to finally announce the winners to the AMD memory contest, and we have two well deserving victors. While the results were delayed due to a hectic travel schedule for the SemiAccurate crew, we now have a pair of deserving winners.

The original contest can be found here, and we asked entrants to answer the following question, “Why do you need more than 16GB of memory in a desktop system?” It quickly became apparent that the answers fell in to two distinct categories, serious and humorous. Luckily for our judges there were two prizes so we awarded one for best humorous entry and one for best serious entry.

On the humorous side there was one clear winner, Pyrophosphate. His succinct answer of, “You need more than 16GB of RAM because as soon as you find a way to use all of it, you don’t have enough.” was both humorous and accurate. Luckily he now has 16GB of AMD Gamer Series DDR3-2133 to not have enough with.

The serious winner is Billy 11:13 with a novel way to use memory to bring computers to kids. “I’m currently teaching a group of about a dozen kids how to program in Java so that they can write mods for Minecraft. I have to be able to run Eclipse, multiple Minecraft servers with different mod configurations for testing purposes, and virtual machines of Windows and OS X to be able to reproduce their problems (since I use Linux for my own sanity). Those virtual machines need to have enough RAM to also run Eclipse on occasion. Next week we’ll be working on tweaking the terrain generation algorithms. This will require generating and rendering at least a gigabyte’s worth of terrain (in a ram disk for performance and to not thrash my SSD) in order to analyze the results of each change – and it would be nice to be able to keep several tries around to do before and after comparisons.” Hopefully a mere 16GB will be enough to do all of this in, VMs have a way of eating more than you can plug in. At least the DDR3-2133 will be fast enough for the task at hand.

The rest of the thread and all the entries can be found here, humorous and serious alike. Congratulations to our winners and hope all entrants and readers had a good time reading the entries.

Winners please provide a snail mail address to copper at semiaccurate dot.  Your package will be mailed as soon as possible not withstanding the holiday schedule of this next week.  Happy hotdog and fireworks here in the US.S|A

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