Inphi shows off registered DDR4 DIMMs

IDF 2013: 4GB and 16GB registered DDR4 DIMMs plus a Haswell-EP

Inphi LogoInphi was showing off DDR3 and DDR4 DIMMs at IDF that for some odd reason all featured their buffers. The DDR3 wasn’t very interesting but the DDR4 had a lot more promise.

Inphi registered DDR4 DIMMs

DDR3 on top, DDR4 on the bottom

DDR3 LR-DIMMs with Inphi buffers are pretty standard issue server fare of late but the DDR4 is still a bit more exotic especially in registered form. The two you see on the bottom shelf are a 16GB RDIMM on the left and a 4GB RDIMM on the right. Both work just fine in the Grantley/Haswell-EP platform Inphi had running at their booth even if they couldn’t mention that it was Grantley, Haswell, or anything else about the ‘mystery NDA box’. That said, since DDR4 isn’t due on the desktop until Sky Lake and on mobile until Broadwell refresh, and neither support RDIMM, there isn’t anything it could be at the moment.S|A

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