Infineon has the Motor Control Kit for cool kids

Techcon 13: XMC4500 based hex boards are really slick

Infineon logoIn the race to be the “in” motor control application kit for the cool kids at Techcon, Infineon’s XMC4500 wins hands down. A lot of companies claim to be the coolest embedded development platform for motor controls, but before this article is over I am sure you will agree with SemiAccurate that there is Infineon and then there are the others.

The XMC4500 Motor Control Application Kit starts off with an Infineon XMC4500 running at between 80 and 120MHz, quite speedy for an ARM Coretex-M4. If you want the juicy details like the on-board DSP and 12-channel DMA, you can read up on it here. Slick though this embedded controller is, it is nothing compared to the boards used to develop solutions with it, see?

Infineon XMC4500 Motor Control Application Kit

The boss won’t question your toys if they look like this

Yeah the boards are red. Yeah they are hexagons. Yeah they have an XMC4500 to run them and there are tons of additional cards to plug-in too, Mouser has a bunch of them here. But all of this pales in comparison to the fact that it just looks cool, even the fact that it has a nice carrying case is secondary to the hex PCBs. Sure they cost $418.60 but you can expense them with a straight face and quite possibly use them for real work purposes too, bonus eh? Who cares about that though, they are cool and you can build a real death robot with them for not much money. Buy three, Infineon deserves sales for doing right.S|A

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