Sometimes a CEO’s words come back to bite him

CES 2014: A reader with a dark sense of humor and a mixing board had fun with this

Nvidia World logoA helpful reader pointed us to a link that artfully describes why CEOs shouldn’t make blanket statements on analyst calls. The CEO in question made some rather direct and unequivocal claims during an analyst call a few years ago about what a good company should and shouldn’t do.

Step forward a few years and things changed a bit, and so did the messaging. At the title suggests, Tegra 4 is out now but the topic of the keynote was not Tegra 4 or 4i that are out now but effectively Tegra 5 and Tegra 6 which are not current products. Worse yet the first chip of the radically different Tegra K1 pair is 32-bit but the successor is 64-bit.

Both of the K1’s are not current products, not near future products, but are being talked about at the keynote. Notice the dichotomy? From the look of it, at least one financially oriented reader noticed it too and put those past statements to song. Other than pointing out that someone has a dark sense of humor, SemiAccurate will not make any snide comments.S|A


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