What does Intel’s server platform cancellation mean?

Analysis: Their situation was bad, now it is worse

Intel LogoIntel’s server prospects just went from noncompetitive to dire with their latest platform cancellation. SemiAccurate has been weighing the prospects of this move and can shed some light on the issue.

On Saturday SemiAccurate brought you exclusive news about Intel’s latest server cancellation. This mainstream platform, not a niche variant, shows exactly how untenable Intel’s server roadmap is. For years now we have been saying this roadmap is folly, it can not hold, and now it has happened. Lets take a look at how much worse Intel’s position is since our ‘rosy’ article entitled, “Intel has no chance in servers and they know it“. We said Intel knows they have no chance to beat AMD until after their 2022 platform so how can things get worse? Since you asked…

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