Are the Intel price increases real?

Finally some hard info trickles out

Intel LogoThere has been a lot of talk about Intel and price increases over the past week or two, some wild some less so. SemiAccurate has been digging into this alleged increase for weeks and can finally provide some hard answers.

About a week ago, we said on an investor call that we had researched the rumored Intel 20% price increases and found nothing. On top of that it didn’t pass the proverbial smell test because any volume customer or OEM will likely have contracts in place that preclude the price raises that are rumored. In short we didn’t believe it and we said so.

Luckily that old adage proved correct and yesterday SemiAccurate received a new piece of the puzzle and we will eat some of our words but not all. What did we learn, other than when you mouth off in public you will probably eat those words more often than you are comfortable with even if you did the research? It’s a bit of a long story with some contacts being much more specific than others about different parts of the market.

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