Microsoft shakes down Onlive for more cash

When you can’t innovate, stifle

Onlive LogoIt looks like the Microsoft ‘not a threat (TM)’ against Onlive has made some changes come about. It seems Onlive is now using Windows Server 2008R2 instead of Windows 7 to host their desktop product.

We mentioned this ‘problem’ a few days ago, and wondered how it would end up, frivolous though it was. According to to John Anderson from the Onlive Spot blog, the company has made the change somewhat silently along with a few others. The money extraction tool that is MS’s equivalent of innovation has claimed another victim, but I agree with Mr. Anderson, it probably won’t stop the company from unleashing more pseudo-legal feelers to stifle competition that threatens to deliver something users actually want. It isn’t about money, it is about a monopoly that can’t do right anymore, and the users end up losing once again. Sad.S|A

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