Foxconn, ARM, and AtGames resurrect Calxeda assets

Updated 2x: Better yet they will continue on with the roadmap

Calxeda LogoIn news that will send shivers up the spine of many in the server world, a group that includes Foxconn just bought Calxeda’s assets. More interestingly this consortium that also includes ARM and AtGames Cloud Holdings will keep going with their products.

The word which leaked to SemiAccurate last Friday came exactly one year to the day after Calxeda announced that it would be shutting down. What a coincidence, eh? The new entity is called Silver Lining Systems (SLS), a name which is almost as apropos as the date. SLS has the designs, IP, and the rest of the information it needs to do the job right including Calxeda Founder/CEO Barry Evans.

Plans are a bit sketchy at the moment but it looks like the team will initially put out the current or possibly the next-gen Calxeda server SoCs in 2015. They claim to have proof of concepts already done so it looks like the engineering work started long before the public announcement. Given the names behind SLS, SemiAccurate thinks this team has a very good chance of achieving those modest public goals.

Update 1 December 22, 2014 @ 1pm: It looks like ARM and Foxconn did not actively invest in SLS. SemiAccurate talked to ARM and confirmed this then SLS issued updated language regarding the situation. It is as follows:

“Silver Lining Systems (SLS) is the cloud subsidiary of AtGames Cloud Holdings.  Foxconn’s server group and ARM, as well as others, are partners of SLS, which adopted the Calxeda technology and assets.

Update 2 December 22, 2014 @ 2:05pm:

Changed buy in title to resurrect in light of Update 1.

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