The ongoing twists to the Nvidia patent trolling ‘Kepler license’ scheme

Analysis: The licensees and cost structure

Nvidia logoSo what is the latest on the Nvidia patent trolling scheme known as “Kepler Licensing”? On the surface all looks quiet but behind closed doors the games continue at full force.

Since Nvidia has launched their patent jihad against the entire ARM ecosystem they’ve modified their pitch in ways which seem to impact their chances of success. SemiAccurate has told you why the Kepler License had no chance, and why it was just a PR cover for naked patent trolling. We also detailed their target list and who had signed up so far. Along the way we also told you the pricing as well including the multiple generous offers they made to victi… umm, potential partners. Things were silent for a while but as their program rolls forward we bring you our analysis of their progress as well as our take on the latest twists.

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