Curious Nvidia GTX 1070 Wattage number surface

In their own words, or at least their own screenshots

Nvidia LogoIt looks like Nvidia’s legendary honesty has surfaced again, but don’t just take SemiAccurate’s word for it. Instead let’s look at Nvidia’s own site(s) and the numbers they tell…

…Until they read this and ‘correct’ one side or the other as they are wont to do. That is why we are telling this tale with screen caps not moles in Santa Clara, although we have those too. In any case this tale is about the Nvidia GeForce 1070 and 1070 Ti cards, specifically their wattage. If you have been paying attention the 1070 is rated at 150W TDP, those are Nvidia Watts mind you, not real world Watts. The 1070 Ti is rated at 180W, quite reasonable considering it has many more shaders and is clocked higher. For some reason the big brother to this duo, the 1080, has a yet higher clock, significantly higher clocked memory, and yet more shaders than either 1070, and still only pulls 180W. Curious but not impossible, modern binning techniques can more than explain this away, not in this case but could.

So back to our story. Upon the launch of the 1070 Ti, Nvidia sites like were changed. If you go to the products menu, pick the GTX 1070 Ti + 1070 option, scroll down to Specs, and click on the link titled, “VIEW FULL SPECS”, you get an annoying popup page rather than an actual spec page. There is no easy way to link this page so you will have to click on the link above, find the sub-link, and click on it. If you scroll down to the bottom under the heading, “Thermal and Power Specs”, you get the following.

Geforce 1070 US TDP

Something appears amiss here

This isn’t a copy of cut and paste going wrong, the differences between the two cards such as shaders and clocks are correctly listed. See?

Geforce 1070 US specs

Nothing appears amiss here though

Ok, this is just a typo, right? Well if you check the web sites for the various geographies, it is a widespread typo. Except the UK. If you go to and follow the same path listed above, you get to the same spec page. Scroll down to the “Thermal and Power Specs” section and you get this.

GeForce 1070 UK TDP

Is this amiss?

Rather than draw conclusions for you, we will let you decide what this means for yourself. Widespread typo or typical Nvidia retroactive updates? Cut and paste error or one missed revision? The office pool on which one will change and when is still open, get your bet in early. Officially it will obviously be explained away as a typo, but do send press materials that have it in black and white (black and green?) to the usual address, the more the merrier.S|A

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