More Intel layoffs coming in February

Not much more to it than that

Intel LogoIt looks like there is a bit more to Intel’s layoffs than was already (not) made public by the company last week. SemiAccurate has some more exclusive bits to tell you about this time around.

Authors Note: Normally SemiAccurate would set this type of story for subscribers only but due to the nature of it, we don’t think it would be fair to those potentially affected to do so. With that in mind we will keep stories on this topic as open as we can. We wish all those affected or potentially affected a speedy search for a new job.

The first thing is that the first round of layoffs we told you about last week is just that, the first round. There is another round of layoffs, said to target the same three organizations, DCG/DPG, IOTG, and SSG/software, coming in about a month. Our sources are saying that the second half of February will see another significant round of layoffs like the ones in January.

There are no new group names to add to the three we told you about earlier, but our sources say there have been minor cuts nearly everywhere at Intel. While there are more rumored cuts, including two groups we named earlier, those are looking like Q2 occurrences should they materialize as indicated. For the moment, SemiAccurate has been unable to nail down anything definitive on these potential cuts. Good luck and we hope you are not affected either directly or indirectly.S|A

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