Intel delays a mainstream server platform once again

Analysis: Intel is no longer competitive in servers, no caveats

Intel LogoIntel just significantly delayed another mainstream server project, this is getting painful to watch. SemiAccurate now thinks Intel is no longer a viable player in the server market, it is that bad.

You might recall that SemiAccurate was the first to break the news of Cooper Lake’s knifing, delaying their entire server line by a generation, broke news about Ice Lake-SP not being a 2020 product like Intel promised, and many more. Why are we recounting history? Because Intel publicly denied every single one of these things when we said it even after many of them were in memos and emails to customers. We fully expect Intel to deny this one because it is going to be painful, and try to keep the pretense of things being on schedule, no delays, and all the rest. Don’t believe it, things just went off the rails again and the situation is beyond dire, Intel is out of the server game for the foreseeable future.

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