Intel sort of delays Cooper Lake but it is on time

Yes we know that is a contradiction, welcome to PR

Xeon Bronze logoThere is a lot of talk about Intel launching Cooper Lake in Q1 of 2020, something SemiAccurate thought would not happen. We dug in to the matter and, well, things got complex fast but you could make a case for a Q1 launch that gets past legal.

The idea is simple enough, Intel is woefully behind in the server market and won’t catch up until at least 2022. They keep telegraphing that good things are imminent, then they slip, things change, and well, the situation doesn’t get better. A good example of this is that the day before AMD launched Rome, Intel announced Cooper Lake.

Call us crazy but Osborning your current product lines with a 300W monster that is significantly slower, consumes much more energy, and costs way more than your competition is not a winning strategy in our book. Pointing out that you will be ~30% slower in 2-3Q than what your competition is launching the next day is something we would not be shouting about much less putting out press releases.

So why are we bringing this up? Intel keeps insisting that Cooper Lake is a Q1/20 product, and has been for a long time now. Like the rest of the recent server CPU slips, there is a grain of truth to the statement but the reality is very different or at least far more nuanced. Bear with us as we explain the details.

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