EtherCat controls robots

Fast networking on the fly

IF YOU WANT to control devices that require precise, coordinated movements, protocols like TCP/IP have too much overhead and latency making life difficult or impossible. Luckily, a standard called EtherCat is aimed at fixing all the things that makes TCP/IP unsuitable while still running over low cost 802.3 Ethernet hardware.
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IBM Fights Identity Theft With Biometric Passport.

Try to change your eye color or height!

BEING A VICTIM of identity theft is no fun, but it is still possible to change your account numbers, it is a whole lot more difficult to change your eye color or height! Because of this, protecting biometric data is a particularly serious issue. Biometrics (physical measurements, voice or image and more) are used by many entities to improve authentication of the identity of passport and other ID holders.
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