Made a Clarkdale’s IGP not so hot

Hardware Roundup: Trailing Nvidia’s 9400

FAR IN THE EAST, HKEPC got something we’ve all been waiting for: a full review of Clarkdale and a head-to-head against Nvidia’s 9400m IGP. Pay attention to page 6, lots of interesting figures there including power consumption and 3Dmark and gaming scores. The GPU core – as powerful as it might be – doesn’t come close to Nvidia’s… But Charlie will definitely have something interesting to add to this further on…
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Hardware Roundup

All the reviews fit to print

SemiAccurate hereby breaks in something that we intend to be your first choice in online hardware review coverage. At SemiAccurate you’ll find a one-stop selection of red-hot hardware reviews, starting right now. We’ll be gathering together here the best of what we’ve found online around the web and giving it to you straight up.
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