The iPad is too cheap

At least for the competition

HERE’S SOMETHING you don’t generally hear when it comes to Apple hardware. The iPad is deemed as being too inexpensive by Taiwanese hardware manufacturers. Considering that Apple has a reputation for selling reassuringly expensive products, it now seems like the company has come up with a product that is too cheap for the competition.
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Apple’s iPad is here

Six different models

APPLE HAS JUST announced its latest addition, the iPad. We’re not sold on the name, but one of the big news items here is that Apple might be forced to change the name, as iPad was a registered trademark of Fujitsu Japan and there’s also a company called Magtek that sells a product called the IPAD. But that’s for another day; let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.
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Gulftown gets tested early

Overclocked to 4GHz

IT’S NOT ALWAYS journalists or bloggers that get their hands on new gear first, as is evident in this case. A forum member at Bit-tech who goes under the handle of windwithme has run a good selection of benchmarks on the upcoming Gulftown CPU, which is expected to be the next Extreme Edition processor from Intel.
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IBM and Fujifilm are tinkering with 35TB tape storage

Yes Sir, that’s Terabytes

TAPE DRIVES HAVE sort of faded into the dark over the past few years as a backup medium, although many enterprise backup solutions still rely on them on a daily basis. The storage capacities of the various backup tape technologies haven’t really kept up with the development in the hard drive storage market and as such the largest backup tapes only hold about half as much data as today’s largest hard drives.
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Magicjack’s femtocell to cost about $40

Will most likely anger GSM operators

VOIP TELEPHONY TOOK off with the help of Skype, but the biggest hit in the US and Canada at the moment is the oddly named “magicJack” service, which we’ll call Magicjack. Rather than just being a software solution the Magicjack is a small USB dongle to which a normal phone is attached and it allows you use the phone as you normally would when connected to the POTS line.
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Will Apple design its own CPUs?

So says the rumour mill

ONE THING YOU hopefully learn very quickly in the IT business is that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV, or read on the Interweb these days. With Apple’s announcement that it’ll be announcing something on January 27th, the rumours about what Apple is up to haven’t stopped. The latest is that Apple is ready to unveil its own CPU, but the question you have to ask is if this makes any sense at all.
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