Asus Eee PC 1215N gets official

Of sorts

IN THIS DAY in age it seems like companies are relying a little bit too much on social media to get their message out and Asus has announced its Eee PC 1215N on facebook, yet there’s no mention of it on Asus’ website. The latest addition to the Eee PC family features a dual core Atom D525 processor an Nvidia ION 2 graphics which makes this 12-inch “netbook” a rather interesting offering.
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Cisco announced Android tablet for business users

8h battery life, 1.5lb, Atom powered

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but Cisco has announced a tablet of its own that’s powered by an unspecified 1.6GHz Atom processor, 32GB of flash memory and a claimed 8h battery life. Considering that Cisco has managed to squeeze this into a 1.5lb (520g) package is pretty impressive, but is this really the business tool we’ve all been waiting for that’ll make us more productive?
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MSI’s two new Fuzion boards nearly here

Intel P55 and AMD 870 with Lucid Hydra

MSI IS GETTING ready to unleash two new motherboards with Lucid’s Hydra chip, but unlike the Big Bang Fuzion, the two new models should turn out to be a bit more wallet friendly. First up we have the P55A Fuzion which is the Big Bang Fuzion’s little brother so to say, as this board is also based on the Intel P55 chipset. The second board, the 870A Fuzion is based on AMD 870 chipset and is MSI’s first AMD board to feature Lucid’s Hydra.
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Texas Instruments USB 3.0 host controller almost here

Other key parts ready today

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS HASN’T been in a hurry to bring its USB 3.0 products to market, but it now appears that the company is getting ready to start rolling out its first few products. Today TI announced the availability of a USB 3.0 physical layer transceiver called the TUSB1310 which is targeting a wide range of devices such as smartphones, portable media players, navigation devices and digital still and video cameras etc.
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Asus rumoured to outsource motherboard production again

ECS seems to be the likely partner

THERE’S NO DOUBT that Asus is getting ready to outsource more and more of its production now that the Pegatron spinoff has finally been set in stone. As of the end of last week, Asus and Pegatron are two entirely separate businesses trading on the Taiwanese stock market as separate businesses. As the two didn’t part as friends, it now looks like Asus is looking at outsourcing options for its motherboard and graphics card business and it seems like ECS is on the cards once again.
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iPhone 4 Black-Balls Right Handed Porn Seekers

…or should that be blue?

APPLE INC., ESTEEMED purveyor of glass-covered shiny objects, has launched its latest salvo against the pornography industry with the release of its new “retina-display” packing iPhone 4.  The all new fingerprint collector has the highest pixel-density of any phone to date, offering a 4X improvement in areolic-clarity compared to previous models.  The appeal of this feature is immediately apparent, however Lord Steve-o has built in a special surprise for his right-handed lackeys.
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iPhone 4 has reception problems

Whatever you do, don’t touch the side of the phone

LO AND BEHOLD, Apple’s new baby, the iPhone 4 isn’t more than a day or so old in terms of retail availability and there are already reports of problems with the signal. Despite Apple’s new “magic” antenna design, the web is full of complaints from people that are having reception problems with the iPhone 4. The solution to the problem is actually rather simple; don’t touch the lower left side of the phone.
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New SD card speed classification system arrives

For high-performance SDHC and SDXC cards

THE SD ASSOCIATION has announced new high-speed symbols for SDHC and SDXC cards which are once again meant to make our lives easier. The old Class 2, 4, 6 and 10 ratings will be kept for older memory cards that don’t meet the new UHS or Ultra High Speed SD card standard. The new UHS speed classifications as plenty of room to grow, especially as we’ve only hit the first generation of SDXC cards.
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