AMD Brazos gains traction with the motherboard makers

Close to 20 different models coming

IF THERE WAS any doubt that AMD’s Brazos platform was going to become popular with the board partners or not, then the news that AMD has at least eight retail motherboard partners with a current total of 18 board designs on the way, should put that doubt to rest. The interesting thing here is that we’re just talking motherboard design wins here, it doesn’t include various small form factor barebone and system design wins.
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Intel issues recall for all Sandy Bridge chipsets

Expects to take a profit hit on the back of it

INTEL HAS ISSUED a product recall today of all its Sandy Bridge chipsets, which is a huge deal for the company as the product recall is set to have a fairly significant if not huge impact on Intel’s profits this quarter. However, as the Chinese New Year is already in full swing in most of Asia, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any product recalls from Intel’s partners for at least another couple of weeks.
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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play is the PlayStation phone

Gets early hands on treatment

SONY ERICSSON’S PLAYSTATION phone is hardly a secret or a surprise at this stage after multiple leaks over the past few months; however, it has now been put through its paces in an early preview of close to final sample. The handset is likely to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in the middle of next month and it’s likely to quickly become one of the most popular Android phones.
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Intel is finally getting ready to add native USB 3.0 support

Won’t happen until 2012 though

IT’S HARD TO be spot on when it comes to rumours about new technology coming from the various companies in the business, but nearly a year ago we wrote about Intel working on a USB 3.0 solution of its own, well, it seems like it didn’t quite work out the way we were told by our source back then, but Intel is finally getting ready to add native USB 3.0 support. That said, it won’t arrive until early 2012 alongside Intel’s next generation platform (didn’t that just launch?)
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Thermaltake opens its new offices

It’s red, red, red

EARLIER TODAY WE were invited to the grand opening of Thermaltake’s new offices in Taipei, Taiwan and to say that they’re something out of the ordinary in Taiwan would be to put it mildly. It’s much more open space than we’re used to seeing in Taiwan and the offices have plenty of unusual features, most of which you wouldn’t find in any office anywhere in the world.
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Motherboard prices expected to increase this year

Due to high costs of materials

IF YOU’RE LOOKING to get yourself a new system in the near future, then you might want to consider investing in a motherboard sooner rather than later as the price of motherboards are expected to rise by somewhere between five and 10 percent, or maybe even more in the next few months. The reason for the price hike is the rise in raw material costs, least not copper (no, not that Copper).
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HP Topaz hardware specs leaks

Quite impressive overall

IT’S VERY POSSIBLE that tablets are finally getting to the stage where they’ll deliver what have been promised for so long and HP looks set to be close to front of the pack if details of its new tablets prove to hold true. Full specs of its 9.7-inch webOS tablet currently codenamed Topaz has leaked and it has just about everything a good tablet should have.
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