Intel’s mobile Sandy Bridge details revealed

Alongside roadmap

THOSE OF YOU that have been waiting for more details on Intel’s mobile Sandy Bridge processor are in luck, as thanks to Anandtech we now have quite a few additional details of what will be on offer. One of the main missing pieces of the puzzle was the clock speeds of the integrated graphics, but it turns out that there’s another surprise on store for us that had yet to be revealed.
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Lucid Hydra gets official on graphics cards

With some help from PowerColor

LUCID’S HYDRA HAS yet to prove itself as a replacement for either CrossFire or SLI, but today Lucid announced a new solution which might see the company gaining some more ground. Lucid’s new Unity graphics card design looks set to change the way that the Hydra chips have been used so far, as by moving the Hydra chips to the graphics card, the motherboard is no longer a limiting factor.
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Sandy Bridge gets thoroughly benchmarked

Clears up some of the confusion, wows in the graphics department

THE FIRST IN-DEPTH benchmarks of Sandy Bridge have appeared courtesy of Anandtech and it looks like Intel has done more than just a few tweaks to Clarkdale and has managed to come up with something quite impressive. Not only is the new CPU core a big improvement over Clarkdale, but Intel has really delivered on its promise to boost the graphics performance by two times that of Clarkdale. Some explanations as to how Sandy Bridge will overclock is also provided, but this is unlikely to make everyone happy.
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AMD spills beans on Northern Island codenames

Yes, Northern, not Southern

AMD APPEARS TO have slipped in the codenames for its entire Northern Island range of GPUs in its latest Catalyst 10.8 driver release. Confused? Well, it turns out that AMD had some internal naming issues as the 32nm Northern Island parts never happened thanks to TMSC pulling the plug on 32nm, but now the code names have been applied to AMD’s upcoming 40nm Evergreen refresh that is set to launch later this year.
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Zotac launches two new mini-ITX boards

And a pair of mini PCs

ZOTAC HAS FINALLY launched its CULV powered mini-ITX motherboard that we spotted back in June at Computex. Alongside it Zotac also announced a pair of new ZBOX mini PCs which also use Intel’s CULV processors paired up with Nvidia’s ION chipset. We’re still waiting for a few more products from Zotac that we were shown behind closed doors at Computex, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, instead let’s take a closer look at today’s announcements.
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Today is tomorrow, so why are we stuck in the past?

The PC lives in a world of legacy support

DESPITE ALL THE criticism Apple gets, the company has done one thing well, in fact so well that its computers are playing an entirely different game than the humble beige box we all know as the PC. When Apple moved to x86 it dropped hardware legacy support and started with a clean slate and we’re now at a stage where the PC is desperately in need for the same treatment. You may ask why, well read on and I’ll try to explain.
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Intel and Nokia team up to research ThreeDee virtual sauna

At state of the art research center in Oulu

INTEL AND NOKIA’S joint product development has now spun off a join laboratory that will be researching the world of “3-D” [sic] for mobile devices. The research will take place at Oulun yliopisto or University of Oulu, if you prefer, and it’s meant to lead to “new user interfaces and experiences”. We can’t guarantee the virtual sauna, but considering the Finnish people’s obsession with saunas, well, who knows what will transpire…
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