HP gets new CEO and President

Ex SAP CEO takes over HP

CONSIDERING THE SCANDALS revolving around HP’s last CEO, Mark Hurd, we’re hoping that HP has made a wiser choice choosing Léo Apotheker as its new CEO and President. Mr Apotheker joins HP from SAP which he joined in 1988 where he’s been a member of the board of directors since 2002 and has served as both deputy CEO and co-CEO.
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1 million Google TV solutions expected to sell by end of year

Most are expected to be set-top boxes

GOOGLE TV HAS as yet to launch, but the expected sales numbers are already making their way onto the interweb, despite the fact that no-one has even had time to play with the final product outside of Google. As interesting as Google TV is, it’s going to require quite a lot of consumer convincing from Google’s side to become a product that your average consumer will be willing to spend money on.
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Galaxy is set to launch GTX 460 with built in WHDI

Comes bundled with HDMI receiver

IT’S VERY HARD to differentiate yourself as a graphics card manufacturer these days, but it looks like Galaxy has come up with a way to do just that. The company is readying a custom designed GTX 460 card with an onboard WHDI solution which will allow you to stream 1080p HD video to the supplied receiver which can be placed up to 30 meters (100 feet) away from the PC into which the card is fitted.
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Lenovo launches two new 11.6-inch notebooks

The day the tiny notebooks took over the world

NOT TOO LONG ago it was almost impossible to find an ultra-portable consumer notebook and now it seems like there are almost too many of them competing for a fairly small, but growing market. It’s beginning to look like the netbook book is dead as a market segment the last two years, as the 11.6-inch notebooks are coming from above and tablets from below which means the humble netbook is going to end up being a niche product in the not so very distant future.
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Radeon HD 67×0-series specifications leak

Fingers crossed it’s the real deal

IF A SPEC sheet leaked onto the internet proves to be the real deal, then it looks like AMD is about to turn the world of graphics cards up-side-down, as the new 67×0-series looks set to be almost as good as the current 58×0-series, while being expected to sell for a similar price as the current 57×0-series. This would cause some serious headache for Nvidia, but we’ll just have to wait and see how AMD price the new cards.
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Romania takes home the win at GO OC 2010

Followed by Hong Kong and China

GIGABYTE’S GO OC 2010 took place in Taipei, Taiwan this weekend and it was 4.5 hours of fierce competition between 15 of the world’s top overclockers. The event took place in the Hua-shan creative park in Taipei and the competition was open to the public with exhibitions, events and lucky draws. Besides Gigabyte; Adata, Seagate and Envision were on location demoing products.
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Eurotech first with Atom E600-series board

Brings with it an unannounced chipset

IT’S STARTING TO become difficult to keep track of all of Intel’s various Atom spinoffs and the new embedded processors in the E600-series appears to have started to ship out to customers. Eurotech appears to be the first with a product and in this case we’re talking about an industrial PC level piece of kit in a COM module that goes under the name of Catalyst TC. Interestingly it appears to have a chipset version that we can’t find any specific reference to.
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Toshiba launches $499 children’s laptop

Has remarkably good specifications

WE’VE SEEN A fair few netbooks targeting kids from both Asus and Dell to mention a couple of companies that have tried to cash in on the educational market, but it now looks like Toshiba has decided to one-up everyone with a laptop for children. We’re not quite sure what makes it specific for children, but the press release claims that it has been made “for children aged five to 10”.
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