VIA launches its first DDR3 mobile chipset

Single chip solution with 1080p video and more

IT’S BEEN JUST over three months since VIA announced a new chipset and today we’re looking at yet another new chipset from the company, although this time it’s for mobile devices rather than desktops. It’s a shame that the new VX900 chipset didn’t get the full feature set of the VN1000, but it’s not all bad news, as VIA finally has a mobile solution that should kick the Atom’s ass.
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LGA-1156 to get unlocked CPUs

Not Extreme Editions

THE ONE DOWNSIDE of Intel’s Extreme Edition CPUs that makes most people shy away from them is the sky high price tag, but it looks like Intel is getting ready to take a leaf out of AMD’s book by releasing what will hopefully be more cost conscious overclocking CPUs with unlocked multiplier carrying the K suffix.
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