Details of Gigabyte’s motherboard for overclockers emerge

Not for your average user

IF YOU HAVEN’T already noticed, Gigabyte is putting a lot of effort and money into the professional overclocking scene and the company has been working hard on developing a custom motherboard just for this niche of the market. The new board has been developed by Gigabyte’s in-house overclocker HiCookie and if you’re not into extreme overclocking, this product isn’t for you.
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GeForce GTX 560 Ti set to launch on the 25th

Gets double monikers and is already mostly leaked in detail

NVIDIA IS GETTING ready to take on AMD where it hurts with its upcoming GeForce GTX 560 Ti which should be launching on the 25th of January if the leaks so far prove to be right. The new card is expected to go head to head with AMD’s Radeon HD 6950 which AMD has just decided to offer a cheaper 1GB verion, so it’ll be interesting to see how price competitive the GTX 560 Ti will be.
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Gigabyte first with B65 chipset motherboard

Calls it P65

INTEL’S B65 CHIPSET is intended for affordable business oriented desktop PCs, but it seems like Gigabyte has figured that it should also be an attractive low cost alternative to Intel’s P67 and H67 chipsets for consumers. As such the company has launched the GA-P65A-UD3 based on the chipset which is a no-frills board, but without being featureless.
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CompuLab shows off embedded AMD Brazos system

How small can you go?

TINY COMPUTERS ARE cool, right? Well, in as much as that might be true, most tiny computers don’t perform all that well due to thermal issues and underpowered hardware. However, CompuLab has shown off its latest 0.98-inch (2.4cm) thick desktop system powered by AMD’s new embedded version of Brazos and it should offer not only fantastic performance for something this small, but it’s also packed to the brim with features.
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1GB Radeon HD 6970 set to launch next month

Brings with it a lower $279 price tag

AMD HAS DECIDED it’s time to have its partners launch more affordable Radeon HD 6900 series cards and oddly enough the top of the range HD 6970 is the first card to be given the 1GB treatment including a nice price cut to go along with it. The new cards are expected to hit retail for around $279, making them more affordable than most Radeon HD 6950 cards with 2GB of memory.
Update: January 18, 2011 changes to story at bottom.
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Sapphire’s Pure Black P67 gets official

Still called the PB-CI7S42P67 in surname

THERE ISN’T MUCH that we didn’t already know about Sapphire’s new P67 after our brief encounter with the board at Intel’s Sandy Bridge launch in Taiwan, but the final version cleaned up pretty good and it got it’s retail name, Pure Black P67. The design remained mostly the same, although the final board has now been fitted with some slightly unusual cooling which makes the board stand out from the competition.
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