Garmin-Asus announces its first Android handset

Brings Garmin’s navigation know-how to Android

GOOGLE’S ANDROID operating system for Smartphone’s is spreading to just about every device manufacturer out there and Garmin-Asus is the latest company to announce a handset running Android. The A50 is somewhat different from your average Android handset though, much as Garmin-Asus’ past efforts, as it focuses on navigation and location based services.
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Google is working on a universal translator

No estimated time of arrival given

GOOGLE JUST CAN’T stop dreaming up now products, good ones too, but its latest stroke of genius might one day be something that no traveller will leave home without. If you’ve read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy then you might be familiar with the Babel Fish, although Google hasn’t gone quite that far in its efforts to come up what it said is a universal translator.
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No more desktop chipsets are coming from Intel this year

Next generation is unlikely to impress

DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING new from Intel this year in terms of desktop chipsets, at least not the way Intel’s current roadmap is planned. We’re going to have to make do with what’s on offer for the rest of 2010, despite some “missing features” in all three of Intel’s latest chipsets. What’s worse is that there’s not much to look forward to next year either, if our sources are correct.
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