AMD’s Nile thin and light notebook platform is nearly here

Acer is getting ready with Aspire One 521

IT LOOKS AS if AMD is getting ready to out its new thin and light notebook – read netbook competitor – chipset very soon, although we’d hazard a guess that the Nile system will be officially unveiled at Computex, or at least it seems like that will be the right time to do so. An Acer centric blog has gotten details of one of the first notebooks based on the Niles platform and it comes from Acer in the shape of the Aspire One 521.
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Next generation iPhone leaked

Or is it an elaborate PR stunt?

PICTURES AND VIDEOS of Apple’s next generation iPhone have made their way online after an allegedly misplaced device was found in a bar in Redwood City. However, if you take in consideration how careful Apple is about leaks of this kind, one has to wonder if this is truly by accident or if Apple is trying to build some momentum here and the whole thing is just an elaborate PR stunt.
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Asus makes its own version of Turbo Core

Works with one to six cores

LAST WEEK WE reported about AMD’s Turbo Core, which is a feature of the upcoming Thuban based processors that allows half of the cores to go into idle mode while the remaining cores are overclocked to boost the performance for poorly threaded applications. It now appears that Asus isn’t satisfied with the performance boost on offer, nor the fact that it’s limited to Thuban CPU’s, so Asus has gone and done its own version called Turbo Unlocker.
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Apple and AMD are rumoured to be in talks

AMD CPUs in future Apple products?

DEPITE THE FACT that Apple once again went with Nvidia graphics solutions for its updated MacBook Pros it looks like Apple and AMD are considering a much closer relationship than they’ve had so far. At least if we’re to believe a story from Apple Insider which is suggesting that Apple and AMD are in talks about Apple using AMD’s processors and chipsets in upcoming machines.
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Intel’s Patsburg to replace X58 in 2011

Will be joined by Sandy Bridge-E CPU to create Waimea Bay platform

INTEL APPEARS TO BE be sticking with its two tier CPU socket system for the foreseeable future, as details of Intel’s X58 platform replacement have made their way online. The upcoming LGA1155 platform with the Cougar Point chipset and the Sandy Bridge DT processors will target the entry level and mainstream market, while the Patsburg chipset and the Sandy Bridge E processors should use a new LGA2011 socket for the high-end market space.
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All USB 3.0 implementations are not created equal

But which one is the right implementation?

IF YOU’RE a regular reader of SemiAccurate, then you’ll know that we put a question forward to the USB Implementers Forum with regards to how they certify the various USB 3.0 implementations and if they perform any kind of speed testing. We were slightly taken aback by the answer, that no performance testing is done during the certification process, so we decided to dig a little deeper to find out if there are any differences between the various implementations on the market.
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Computex to double as beauty pageant

Say what?

SOMETIMES YOU JUST can’t help but wonder at the kind of press releases you get sent and we’re really wondering what the TCA, one of the organizers of Computex, is up to. It seems like this year, due to the 30 year anniversary of Computex there will be 30 Computex “Sweeties” that are meant to “stir-up the atmosphere” of the show.
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Intel’s Tunnel Creek supports 3rd party I/O hubs

A new business model from Intel

INTEL UNVEILED ITS Queensbay Atom platform for embedded systems at IDF Beijing, although that in itself isn’t all that interesting because Intel’s Atom processors in themselves rarely are. However, what is interesting is the fact that Intel will allow third party I/O hubs to be used, which is an entirely new strategy from Intel and a big opportunity for a lot of companies out there.
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Apple updates MacBook Pro notebooks

The 15 and 17-inch models get Core i5 and i7 processors

APPLE’S LONG AWAITED and somewhat overdue overhaul of its MacBook Pro line has finally turned up and although the choice of CPUs is anything but surprising, the fact that Apple stuck with Nvidia for the graphics after all the bumpgate related problems was quite a surprise. Apple even offers its own version of Optimus, sans the Nvidia branding as Apple simply refers to it as auto switching graphics.
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