Dan Kaminsky Feels a disturbance in The Internet

Researchers Present PKI Vulnerabilities

DEFCON’S TWO-BEER version of Dan Kaminski’s PKI flaws presentation was a repeat presentation of his Black Hat talk.  Kaminsky, a flamboyant security research with IOActive, described findings from a team of researchers looking at digital certificates. Digital certificates are the identity protection mechanism inside the TLS (a/k/a SSL) protocol we all use to protect credit card data and other sensitive traffic on the Internet.
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Defcon 17: Still going strong

Some signs of grey hair in the mohawks

DEFCON, THE ‘HACKER CON’, part of the security conference activities in Las Vegas this week, seems to not have suffered too badly from the economy. Thousands of people – computer professionals, government security folks, frat boys looking to learn to pick locks, and various other flavors of geeks have shown up at the Riviera for Defcon 17.
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