HP settles with U.S. DOJ over 2007 fraud suit

Mark Hurd hands over his lunch money

After over 3 years of running around the legal jungle gym, the United Stated Department of Justice has finally caught up with Hewlett-Packard, the world’s current leading provider of technological stuff, and reached a settlement after rubbing HP’s face in the sand a couple of times [ DOJ -1 | HP -0 ].  The settlement lays to rest 2007 allegations of kickbacks and fraud related to government contracts negotiated by technology contractor Accenture over the past decade.
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Taiwanese companies not getting USB 3.0 products certified

By the USB-IF

ONE OF THE steps that any manufacturer of USB compliant devices has to pass is getting certified by the USB-IF so that the USB device is proven to be compatible with the USB standard. This has been one of the big hindrances for USB 3.0 solutions and it seems to be holding back Taiwanese manufacturers of USB 3.0 ICs to the degree that we won’t see any significant shipments of USB 3.0 compliant chips from Taiwan this year.
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Atom tablets are anything but popular

No-one wants to make ’em

AS MUCH AS Intel wants to get into tablets and smartphones it seem to be an uphill struggle for the company. The problem is that Intel is anything but the only manufacturer of chips that go into these types of devices.  ARM and its partners have something of a lead here. As such it looks like Intel is going to have to come up with something extraordinary to convince partners to move away from ARM and onto its x86 platform for these types of devices.
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