HTC makes more money than you

Four straight months of record sales and straight on til morning

HTC, the “quietly brilliant” company from Taoyuan City Taiwan has briefly cast aside its purported persona to let the world know just how awesome it is.  Between pointed bursts of Tarzan noises and chest thumping we were informed of HTC’s four-month  hot streak of successive sales records, as well as  gross-profits-after-tax amounting to a cool NT$ 8.64B (approx. $273M USD) for their most recent quarter.
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Asus’ Sabertooth X58 board gets official

A TUF board?

ASUS HAS ANNOUNCED its second board in the TUF series, the Sabertooth X58 which according to the press release is an extra reliable board that can handle heavy duty tasks. We won’t read too much into that, but the previous TUF board, the Sabertooth 55i had some interesting features that have been rolled over to the Sabertooth X58.
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Asus Rampage III Formula outed

Looks like a good contended for the enthusiast market

ASUS’ R.O.G. SERIES of motherboards have always been out of reach in terms of cost for your average consumer, but have been hugely popular with the enthusiast and high-end gamer market. The latest addition to the series has just made an appearance online and it’s yet another X58 model, although this time a somewhat more affordable board than Asus’ Rampage III Extreme which is a $380 board.
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Corsair launches the Hydro Series H70

Performance water cooling made easy

CORSAIR IS ONE of many companies that have tried to make water cooling more accessible to the mainstream and its Hydro Series H50 sealed loop water cooler gained some rather favourable reviews, especially with regards to the reasonable ease of installation and reliability. Now Corsair has gone and upped the game with the introduction of the Hydro Series H70 which is set to improve upon the performance of the H50.
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