Victorinox previews a knife for simultaneous PowerPoint/shanking

CES 2011: If MacGyver filled out TPS reports, he would own one of these

Victorinox had an impressive spread of pocket knives on display, nearly all of them containing one or more flash memory sticks of some sort.  The Belle of the Ball however had to  be the unreleased “Presentation Master”  knife/biometric protected flash drive/Bluetooth Power Point slide advancer/laser pointer/nail file/screw driver/scissors/owner of my heart.
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Sandy Bridge is the biggest disappointment of the year

A rant

SANDY BRIDGE WAS shaping up to be the killer CPU of the year, a huge step forward in the ‘uncore’, decent graphics and big gains in the core as well. Instead, we got broken graphics, non-working feature sets, and a showstopper bug. What a shattering disappointment.
Editor’s note: Additional Sandy Bridge coverage on it’s way.  Overview, Benchmarks, Linux
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